Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday turned out to be a lovely sunny day, even though it
was still cold out my gardening desires kicked in.
I am longing for something green and the wonderful
aroma of things growing.
I had to have a gardening fix.
I hopped into my car and headed down to one of my
favorite greenhouses

After taking in the sights and scents, I came home with this
little guy. He was in the TLC section marked down
from $12.99 to $2.77.

It's called a Begonia Rex "Escargot"
A variety from the Netherlands.
The name comes from their leaves which curl in on themselves
to resemble snail shells.

I did some reading and he should bloom in autumn,
though some articles said red while others said pale
pink. I'm not picky, either will be fine by me.

I pulled this picture for Google Images...
hopefully one day he will look like this.

I also snagged a Birds Nest Fern. I've wanted one
for a while now.

This is a plant I've had for about a year, can't remember
for the life of me what it is called.
I cut it back at the start of winter and it is
beginning to bloom.

If you are a gardener and need a fix go visit
Blast of Color.
Oh to visit Prince Edward Island!

Happy Sunday.

Friday, January 28, 2011


It is almost Oscar time and there are ten films nominated this year.
I've managed to see six of the ten and haven't
been disappointed with any.
This week we rented "Winter's Bone"
Today we saw "True Grit".
These movies are set in different times and different places,
but the similarities can not be missed.
Both movies are based on novels. "Winter's Bone" is from a
novel written by Daniel Woodrell. It tells a story of a
young Ozark Mountain girl searching for her father or at least
the truth about her father. She must prove his death in order
to hang onto her home and family.

"True Grit" based on Charles Portis' classic, follows another
young girl, Matty Ross in search or her father's killer.
Both stories team the girls with mean and rough men.
Rooster Cogburn is a drunkard, thief and killer.
Ree Dolly of "Winter's Bone" hooks up with Teardrop,
a crystal meth addict.

Everything about these movies...
The stories
The characters
The language

it's all perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence, 20 is nominated for Best Actress.

Hailee Steinfield, 14 nominated for Best Supporting Actress.
Strong performances
Strong Women
See these movies!


I just discovered that my Oxalis is blooming!

What a welcoming sight. There is snow slowly
melting outside...

...and tiny delicate blooms inside.
I'm loving it!

Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just finished a little project for Valentine's Day.

I have tons of pink ribbon...if you follow me at all, you know
from where. I wanted to put it to good use with a
creative idea.

I just started making rosettes.
The ribbons I'm using are different widths so the rosettes are
different sizes as well.

They are my first attempts and not perfect to say the least.

I decided to make a 3D print for my collage wall above my desk.

I did this grouping in Fall of last year. Read about it here.
So far I've managed to keep it current by adding
seasonal touches.

Anyone with some great ideas for using
satin ribbon,
please let me know.

I'm linking with some creative folks at:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


One Sunday afternoon, soon after I received my new mini notebook for Christmas,
I was surfing the web and found the most wonderful blog.
I am a very visual person, the eye candy on
was to die for.

This past week, when I arrived home after a tiring day at work,
my sister Susan urged me to check the latest
post from this favorite blog of ours.

We both had been named for the "Stylish Blogger Award".
I don't know where the award started from, but the thrill was getting it from
My Notting Hill.
I'm to share seven random things about myself
and pass on the award
to some newly found and favorite blogs.
Thank you My Notting Hill.

M & M candies are my favorite.

I can't claim to have a green thumb, but my fingernails
are always dirty from trying.

I hate most reality TV, I prefer a fantasy.

Black and White
are my favorite

If I didn't get my daily dose of alone time, I would go
absolutely bonkers.

Nature amazes me every day.

One of my favorite pastimes,

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Is a project ever completely over?
There is a beginning,
but the ending is always a little gray for me.
Some weeks back I showed you my
spare bedroom closet.
My hope was to turn it into a
"craft closet".
A home for all my tools, supplies, and ideas.

Here is what I have came up with.
I'm not saying it is finished, just resting
for the time being.

One of the hardest jobs, relocating all the STUFF
left behind in the space.

I removed the wire was ugly and very
haphazardly installed.

The bolts left some major craters in the wall that had
to be dealt with first.

I used a product called Dry Dex, mainly because that's
what we had in the house.

Painted the walls the same color as the spare

We had an old shelving unit in the basement.
Wire baskets I knew would come in handy
some day.
Did I mention I'm a scavenger?

I went to town organizing all my many supplies

and treasures. I had them stashed everywhere.
Some were in drawers, under the bed, in closets,
you name it, I had something stashed in it.

It was such a treat getting everything in one area.
I should say almost everything, I feel like I still need
more space.

I made some cute labels, mostly just for aesthetics.

Some baskets contain projects I'm working on or

Hoping to make something wonderful with these
doilies from my late Aunt Virginia.

All my papers.

Magazines grouped and organized.

I dressed the window with a matching fabric use in the room.
Added some whimsy with a hand crafted bird and
some sweet snowflake garland.

I put a large bulletin board on one wall to hold my
ideas and inspirations.

I'm presently working on a Origami Crane project.

Ballard and Pottery Barn are always a great
source of inspiration for me.

So there you have it, my somewhat finished work.
I'm ready to get down to business and do some

I will be linking with some great parties this week.

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