Monday, October 15, 2012


What do you do with with beautiful hand made doilies?
Several years ago when my Aunt passed away
I got several of her beautiful doilies.
I loved them, but having doilies out and about
was not quite my style.
They set in a drawer and I took them out
from time to time just to marvel
at the workmenship.
But what could I do with them???
Last week while I was doing another project that
involved balloons...
it came to me.
All I needed was some maximum strength starch
that could be poured, some small balloons,
string and of course patience.
First I completely soaked the doily in starch.
Then molded it around the balloon.
Made sure the gathers were evenly distributed
and tied it tight with string.
Waited a day for it to dry, sprayed them down again with
the starch and waited again.
When they were dry and I removed the string
I had a perfect little bowl,
I decided to use mine as votive candle holders
and slipped little clear holders I already had
on hand.  It was a perfect fit.
I truly love the way they turned out.
I tried using ribbon around the top for some color
but in the end I preferred the
  more organic look and used the rope string.
I highly recommend this project if you
have some precious doilies
stashed in a drawer somewhere.
Each one is so different
and special.
I can't tell you how pretty they look burning.
I tried to take some pictures but they
just did not do my project
Thanks for taking a peek at my latest project.
Give it a try you'll be glad you did.
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