Sunday, February 27, 2011


This was my bedroom through out the winter months.
Now that Spring is almost here,
I'm making a few changes.

I have been craving the sunshine, so I decided to open up my
windows a bit and let some shine in.
I have replaced my thick cotton drapes
with a sheerer cotton set.
Both pairs came from Ikea and I love them both.

I needed some whimsy so
I made some white and brown paper cranes to
hang in the tops of the windows.

Mixing soft and rough
is a big deal to me,
I ran a burlap ribbon through the openings
made for the rod, adding
texture and movement.

I like the look...for now.
It will hold me over until it is time
to get serious about
Spring and Easter.

Had a few cranes left over.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


The first signs of Spring are starting to emerge here at
Buttermilk Cottage.
I saw my first yellow on the Forsythia bush today and
noticed buds on the Dogwood.

Some of my early daffodils are already showing their color.

Tiny crocus are up in full force.

A few years ago I bought a bag of bulbs,
threw them up in the air
and planted them where the landed.

Blue Hyacinth
showing color.

Tulips are just starting to come up.
I absolutely love the Spring.
In the Fall I try to plant a few more bulbs every year.
Springtime comes, and its a brand new garden.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Foxclift Hickory Wind
better known as just plain Hickory to her friends,
was named Best In Show
at the 135th. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Tuesday Febuary 15th. at Madison Square Garden.
Hickory is a five year old and the first
Scottish Deerhound to ever win at

It was all hugs and kisses when Hickory was named
"Best In Show"
by renowned judge Paolo Dondina
of Monterchi, Italy.

Angela Lloyd, Hickory's trainer, was brought to tears at the
announcement Tuesday night. She also spoke of the
rich bond she has with the lovable Deerhound.

Hickory's owner and breeder, Cecilia Dove.

This past week was a whirl wind week for the champion
with lots of appearances and events.
For a dog that likes the quiet life,
she has truly handled the fame
with style and grace.

Hickory was even treated to a steak at the famous
Sardi's Restaurant in
New York City.

Now that the excitement is over
Hickory is ready for some, much deserved
rest and relaxation.
She is retiring to her owner's fifty acre farm in
Congratulations Hickory,
and kisses to you!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Origami Cranes

I have been fascinated by origami cranes for about two years now.
Ever since I saw a tree decorated with red and white
polk-a -dot cranes in the Pottery Barn catalog two years ago,
I've wanted to learn how.
This past Christmas my brother and sister-in-law
gave me a book on Origami.
I've been practicing.

This is one of my projects. These cranes are made from the
smallest size paper. They are very light weight and look so
whimsical on the tree branches.

I used an assortment of paper.
Some are made with traditional origami paper, others with
scrapbook paper and lastly I used scented
drawer liner paper on some.

The hangers are fashioned using embroidery thread.

My second project is a couple of garlands. This time
I used different size paper for contrast.

This is not going to be the permanent home for these,
I plan on hanging them in a window, but the
lighting was a little better here.

Brown craft paper works very well for Origami.
I've also experimented with pages
from an old book.
I really like the look of those.

My last project.
Again, I used different size paper
as well as different type paper.
The others I strung on embroidery thread,
here I used raffia which I really like.

I used the colors of my kitchen on these since
that's where they will be living
for now.

Here they are hanging in my little upstairs kitchen,
which was by the way, a closet when we
bought the house.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Animal Love

I'm in love with whimsical animal art.
This little guy is making his home
in my bathroom
right now...although he has been known
to move around.

I'm showcasing some of the incredible artist at
etsy today.
You know how much I love
Searching etsy I found there were 5384
bird prints in watercolor.
There are 3343 renderings of dogs.
Cats came in third at 2643.

I settled on the
Only 163 choices.
To see more of any of the artist featured,
just click on the name to go to
their etsy shop.

Squirrel Study

Red Squirrel Peeking

Yummy Acorn

Red Squirrel with hat

Baby Squirrel

Drawing of Miss DiPesto

Fishing Squirrel

Flying Squirrel
Hold On Mr. Squirrel

Squirrel and Cardinal

Kroliki Art

Next time you have an hour or two or three
to spare, sit down at your computer and
take a look.
Whatever your heart desires...
it's out there.

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May the Bluebird of happiness
land on your shoulders today.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have you gotten yours yet?

My favorites! second favorite.

Buy your cookies
and support our girls.
Girl Power!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding Fabulous

Susan and I went treasure hunting in Bristol today.

Bristol is a twin city located on the Tenn/Virginia border.
Bristol is proudly known as
"Home of the Worlds Fastest Half-Mile"
and the
"Birthplace of Country Music."

It also is home of numerous antique shops and
junk stores.

Here is my find of the day.
It was sitting on a table in a back booth.
The tag said $35...
...but the booth said "everything 50% off."

A straw Bee Skep has been on my wish list
for some time now.
I already know where it is going to sit in
the garden.

Can't wait for Spring!

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