Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone.
The day started out a little soggy
but it soon turned itself right.
A little overcast but
a pleasant day all
in all.

The garden is certainly showing off its
sunny colors.

The daffodils that have survived the snow
are pretty as a picture.

These have just opened up.
They were planted this past Fall.

I'm so glad I have planted some
early, medium, and late
bloomers, otherwise
they'd be all gone by now
with the weather we've had lately.
Easter Dinner for two today.
Sadly, Kate could not join us this year,
she is still in NY doing big girl stuff.
My sister Susan and I sat down
to my favorite holiday meal.
Ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, green beans, and
an old family salad recipe from my Mom.
 I've been practicing my origami
and have taught myself
how to make a simple

We've got plans
to have a evening ham sandwich
and watch the new
 Masterpiece Theatre series
Hoping it's half as good as
Downton Abby,
if so, it'll be great.
Again, Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm baking a pie...
and I don't know why!
Just kidding, I really do.
I've been inspired by a couple of things lately.
First off, Pinterest, and all the
delicious and delightful
pictures of pie
just make my mouth water.

Secondly, back on March 14th.
I saw that there is a
National Pie Day.
Actually I got that wrong,
March 14th is National Pi Day
that celebrates the mathematical constant Pi.
According to the American Pie Council,
the National Pie Day
was in January,
January 23rd in fact.
I often say...
I don't cook.
My kitchen is a closet,
no, literally, a closet.
When my sister and I moved into
our home here at
Buttermilk Cottage
(I took the upstairs, she the downstairs)
we coverted a walk in closet into a mini kitchen.
Okay, the saying is
easy as pie.
I gave it a try.
Granted mine doesn't even resemble
the one on Pinterest,
but what the ha.
This is my version of
French Coconut Pie.
I already get some of my mistakes,
that crust is pretty bad.
But I'm game to try again.
Stay tuned for my next
Me Oh My
Have a great day

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Express Yourself!

I think I have Spring Fever!
Every year about this time
I get the incredible urge to redecorate.
Yesterday I read this inspiring article in the Oprah magazine
about design wizard Xorin Balbes's eight steps
for making your home the ultimate
expression of you.
Over coffee this morning I thought of
the article again and
decided to take some action.
What better way is there to spend
a day at home.
So here is my finished product.
A rearranging of furniture, some Ikea curtains
from the closet, and a good cleaning.
I'm very satisfied with the way it looks.
Very warm and cozy.
I've always liked my windows exposed but I was
ready for a change.
The curtains should help the room stay
cooler this Summer.
I don't know if you will be able to tell anything
from this photo, but this is a little
flower garland I picked up last week
in Asheville.  I just strung it in front of the windows.
Now that is the
 "ultimate expression of me".
 Do you remember my oak
school room table?
(Not today, last month)

Well, there you have it.
What a great day!
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Despite a rainy start to the day
Susan and I decided to
take a day trip to
It was a good decision to go,
 the closer we got to Asheville
the more blue sky we saw.
The Earth Guild was our first stop
where I was able to pick up
some additional needle felting
supplies for my newest

We explored a bit downtown
then decided to have lunch at
Tupelo Honey Cafe.
Tupelo Honey is scheduled
to open a new restaurant in Johnson City
and we were keen to give it a try.

we knew it was another
 great decision
when they brought the
huge complementary biscuits with
homemade blueberry
to the table.
Many of the patrons were enjoying the
Creamy Tomato Soup
(which I really want to try)
but I settled on a breakfast dish
and Susan had a
vegetarian sandwich.
She said it was one of the best sandwiches
she'd ever eaten.
With our tummies full,
we headed down the road to
The Tobacco Barn
We discovered The Barn last Fall and
dearly loved it...but you know,
nothing is as special as the
first time.
We looked at all their treasures.
 And they've got a lot!!!
But we didn't come home with
very much.
One thing that fascinated me.
These colorful spindles.
They had tons of them,
Twelve for six dollars or
one dollar each.
I racked my brain,
but inspiration just didn't come.
One thing is for sure,
if I get an inspiration down the road,
I can go back and get them.
They're not going to sell out of their supply
any time soon.
Have a great day!


It's misting outside today,
the trip to Asheville NC we've planned may
need to be postponed.
Sunday was a pretty day.
Saturday and Sunday were the closest
we've come to an all day
Spring day.
Everything is waking up
in the garden.
How I long for those days
to be out early
and just play.
The hyacinths at the back door
are giving off
the loveliest scent right now.
Playing in the garden will have to wait
for another day.
Maybe Asheville
will to.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family of Birds Sculpture Series

 It is a beautiful Sunday and I've been waiting for it to
warm up a bit.  I can't wait to get
outside and work in the yard.
 In the meantime I've been listing
a collection of bird sculptures
I've been working on.
Take a peek when you
have a chance.

You can find them here

Happy Sunday

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