Friday, November 14, 2014

2014 Holiday Show and Sale at Buttermilk Cottage

It's almost show time!
 Susan and I work towards this show
all year long.
 We're not the only ones,
eight other talented artist
contribute to this
very special show.
 Every year about this time
we turn our home into a
boutique for a weekend.
 Right now it is Friday afternoon and
Susan (my sister) and I are busy with final details.
 The invitations have all gone out,
we've given a shout out on most
social media...
 Now we wait
and see if they come.
 The rest is just a
sampling of what
"Friends of Buttermilk Cottage"
have to offer
this year.
Wish you all could be here.

 Let the Holidays begin!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Last Fall on my trip
to Germany
I was inspired by all the
window boxes.

Everywhere we toured
I saw trailing geraniums.
Window boxes, pots,
just everywhere.
It's time for me to start my
window boxes
so I decided to try my luck
with the trailing geraniums.
At my local greenhouse
they were labeled as
vine geraniums.
I'm hoping it's the same plant.
I chose two colors,
a dark red and pink.
Here they are.
Ready for the window ledge.
I put three plants in each of my
four boxes...praying that's enough.
Now all I have to do is
water and wait.
I will show you what they
look like in a few weeks.
Happy Gardening

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Yesterday nice and sunny!
Today, cold and rainy.

I'm glad I got some pictures of my garden
and spring trees because after today
who knows what it will look like.
I think they are predicting
in the 30s tonight.
Anyway, I started my Spring
 project list yesterday.
Last year I had found these little pots at
 Salvation Army.
I had seen a succulent wreath on Pinterest
and thought I'd give it a try.
Now keep in mind this is just an experimental project.
It may not pan out at all.
Sometimes I think the things you see on pinterest
are great but when you get right down to
brass tacks...they don't work at all.
First I wired the pots to a grapevine wreath.
Then I searched in my lingerie drawer
 for a pair of old pantyhose.
Filled the legs with succulent soil.
Also made some little balls for
the upside down pots.
I had some sad little pots of succulents
that barely made it through
the winter.
I wrapped the pantyhose legs around the pots
and planted the succulents I had
in some of the pots.
Now keep in mind I know
I need to buy a few more succulents.
You are supposed to break a little hole through
the pantyhose and plant you succulents,
they should spread...
we'll see.
This was my inspiration picture,
sorry not very clear.
For all I know these succulents
were artificial.
Again I say...
we'll see.
I'll give you an update
in about a month.
By the way, newsflash
Its now snowing outside,
I can't believe it.
Double Yuck!
Happy Gardening.

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