Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PINK Dog Pillows

I've just added four new items to my etsy shop.
Actually they are not totally new,
just sold out.
I now have two sizes of this
Victoria's Secret
inspired dog pillow.
The pillows have been made from
a cast off VS laundry cart bags.
I love to upcycle
and re purpose!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I've been off this weekend...
the first Saturday in three months.
It is freezing cold outside
so I just snuggled in
here at Buttermilk Cottage
and practiced
my needle felting.
I know I should be concentrating
on Spring and Easter,
but what can I say
this is what inspired me.
I read about using cookie cutters to
create shapes in needle felting
so I gave it a try.
Works pretty well (the oak leaves)
but you can't get real good
But I'm still learning.
Hope your weekend was as fun
as mine.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

I was all set to have my second attempt
at needle felting be a
red bird,
but then I received a pack of white
roving from "Curly Furr"
and decided to take a
different direction.
Valentine's Day is right around the corner so
I made this
white dove instead.
While making this one I learned a few new
this is really fun!

I also added a little
 Easter Bonnet
to my little
Blue Bird.
Can't wait for some time
to start my next project.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


What do you do on a snowy
winter Sunday?
I'm on my way to mastering the
art of needle felting.
My first attempt using the new book,
"Felted Feathered Friends" by
Laurie Sharp.
My little blue bird doesn't
come close to looking like the one
in the book.
The problem I'm having is
I just don't seem to have an eye for it.
Now granted, I'm just starting,
and I'm confident I will improve....
but I really thought it would be
easier than it is.

Patience is not my virtue,
and it's clear this is going to take
lots of practice.
But I'm game!
My next project.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Don't you just love it when a package
is waiting for you at the door?
Well today I got two!
For Christmas my Brother Wade and Sister Pat
sent me a gift card from Lands' End.
I have been looking online for a few weeks
but just hadn't been able to decide.
Last week we had our first
and I knew
 exactly what I was
going to buy.
I've also decided that I am going
to teach myself how to
needle felt
and had ordered this
"how to" book.
Looks like a lot of projects
I'm going to enjoy!
So thanks so much
Wade and Pat,
maybe I'll send you a little birdie.

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