Friday, February 1, 2013


Don't you just love it when a package
is waiting for you at the door?
Well today I got two!
For Christmas my Brother Wade and Sister Pat
sent me a gift card from Lands' End.
I have been looking online for a few weeks
but just hadn't been able to decide.
Last week we had our first
and I knew
 exactly what I was
going to buy.
I've also decided that I am going
to teach myself how to
needle felt
and had ordered this
"how to" book.
Looks like a lot of projects
I'm going to enjoy!
So thanks so much
Wade and Pat,
maybe I'll send you a little birdie.


  1. Needle felting is what I've decided to learn too! It's one of the few crafts I don't know how to do. The book looks very nice. I haven't decided how I want to learn ... a book or a kit ... ? I've seen a few etsy sheep kits that I like a lot. I think I'd like that or a bluebird as my first project. :-) I look forward to seeing your creations.

  2. I had a kit for Christmas so may join your endeavours.


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