Friday, September 23, 2011


Today would have been Jim Henson's
Seventy Fifth Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jim,
what a legacy you have left behind.

Sesame Street

The Muppet Show

Muppet Babies

Fraggle Rock


Three movies

and my favorite
who's your?

Happy Birthday
we will always remember you.

Monday, September 19, 2011


We bought our Fall Mums last week
and got them in the ground.
When I planted them the blooms were
barely peeking out...
this week full force.

We prefer the sunny yellow ones,
they seem to go better with our decor
and are a bit hardier.

Here is one I put in the ground last year.
It's coming along nicely.

Purple Asters are out and about,

as are the yellow ones.
Both were planted as seeds a couple of years ago.

The guy at the local nursery said to dead head and
fertilize your Knockout Roses now and
they will bloom until

I still have Lantana and my Monkey Grass is blooming.

Next door at my neighbors,
Hydrangea is still showing off.

Lastly, my Hardy Begonia is
pretty in pink.

Happy Gardening.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


One of my good buddies and co-worker,
Leigh Anne
is marring her sweetheart,
next month.

The gang from work are all meeting at
Olive Garden tonight
for a little shower.

I purchased the couple some towels
they picked out at
but wanted to give Leigh Anne
a little something that
was more personal.

When I saw the colors of the towels,
my mind started working.
We had just received that
iconic blue catalogue
from Tiffany's.

I picked up a small bag of diamond rings,
went home and got to work.

Origami birds to the rescue!
Tore out some pages and started folding.

I love the little ring as the anchor.

I loved it so much...I made more.

I hope to sell them at our upcoming
Holiday Fiber Art Show.

Leigh Anne

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Monday, September 12, 2011


When you can start to feel the coolness
in the air I always like to change things up
a bit. It is amazing what a few small
changes can do for a room.
I've replaced my white spread
with my darker
floral one...

...then got the bright idea to use
some of the burlap I have for a new
dust ruffle.
I didn't bother doing any sewing, just tucked
it in. I figured for the amount of time it will be up
this will work well enough.

Just added a small pot of yellow mums
for a touch of color.

Finally I wanted to replace a picture I had hanging
next to my desk area.
I've been creating some memory boards/inspiration boards
to sell at our Holiday Show & Sale.
I decided to snag one for myself.

I covered a wooden frame with cream canvas
and wrapped different types of twine
around it.

It looks great on the wall
and is neutral enough to change
with the seasons.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My window boxes are soaking up all the much
needed rain...yes Tropical Storm Lee
has reached East Tennessee.

Looking out my window, this small spider catches my eye,
he brings to mind that old song, The Isty Bitsy Spider.
He's holding on for dear life.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite plants
in my garden...the Caster Bean Plant.

I've gotten a small plant from a fellow gardener the past few years.
They tell me I'm not supposed to have it in my garden here
in Tennessee. The Caster Bean Plant is poisonous
and can be used to make Ricin.
I'm a rebel,
if I got rid of everything that is considered
poisonous I wouldn't have much of a garden.

I did a little research and there is not much chance it will
do any harm...and it does make a statement.

Happy Gardening

Monday, September 5, 2011


Every year I plant some blue Morning Glory seeds and hope
for an explosion of blue in my garden...
it doesn't happen.
I planted four packs of seeds this year and this is the only
bloom I've seen of them.

I do, how ever, have morning glories that I didn't plant.

They just spring up in various places and wrap themselves
around what ever is handy.

I'm not complaining...just saying.

Happy Gardening
Happy Labor Day.

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