Monday, September 12, 2011


When you can start to feel the coolness
in the air I always like to change things up
a bit. It is amazing what a few small
changes can do for a room.
I've replaced my white spread
with my darker
floral one...

...then got the bright idea to use
some of the burlap I have for a new
dust ruffle.
I didn't bother doing any sewing, just tucked
it in. I figured for the amount of time it will be up
this will work well enough.

Just added a small pot of yellow mums
for a touch of color.

Finally I wanted to replace a picture I had hanging
next to my desk area.
I've been creating some memory boards/inspiration boards
to sell at our Holiday Show & Sale.
I decided to snag one for myself.

I covered a wooden frame with cream canvas
and wrapped different types of twine
around it.

It looks great on the wall
and is neutral enough to change
with the seasons.

1 comment:

  1. I heard you bumping around upstairs! Now I know what you've been up to! I'm heading up to take a look at your new "look"!


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