Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas morning
and we are ready
for brunch
I had to include the sweet
Santa and snowmen
Rick and Terry
sent us from

It was like having them
there for the meal.

Eggs, Brown Sugar Bacon,
our traditional Butterscotch Pecan Roll,
and a new item...
Spicy Cheese Grits.

Yum, yum!

Daisy waiting on the sidelines
hoping for a bite too.
Hope everyone is having a splendid
Christmas morning.

Friday, December 13, 2013


What do you do
 with left over pumpkins
from the Fall season?
This year we had lots of pumpkins
at Buttermilk Cottage
We had decided to go with an Autumn theme
for our Holiday Show...
and just kept buying pumpkins.
I couldn't bare to just throw them away
and there were just too many
for the compost bin. next solution
It's amazing how far one can of paint will go.
Since they were staying outside in the yard,
I didn't even worry about
painting the bottom.
I scattered them all over the back yard,
and thought I was done.
Then Sue comes home and says,
"No one can see them in the backyard."
So I drag them all back around to the front porch
and try to make a Christmas
How long will they last?
I have no idea,
but we'll just enjoy
and hope for the best.
Do you still have pumpkins
hanging out?
You can buy a can of metallic paint
at Lowes for about four bucks.

Now what else can I salvage?
The wheels are turning!




Saturday, December 7, 2013


Okay, how many of you grew up
 with a ceramic Christmas tree
in the house?
 I did,
 in fact, my Mom had two. 
  My Mother has been telling
me for years,
 she wants me to have her big one.
Well, I gota tell you...
I've never been a fan.
What was I to do, I had to take it.
I got it out this year when I started
thinking about decorating for the holidays.
How can I make this my own
and still honor my Mom?
Well if any of you know me,
you know I am into
origami birds.
Sore hands and over 100 birds later,
I can put my stamp of approval on it.

Yes, I can say I actually like it!
I use to cringe when my Mom would say
 "I'm not going to put up a big tree this year,
I'll use my little ceramic tree".
You know what?
I am my Mother's daughter.
This year with Sue putting up two trees downstairs,
I've decided my little ceramic tree
will do me just fine.
Keep it simple, that's my motto
this year.
No need to be over the top.
Merry Christmas
and happy decorating.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Busy Bee...That's Me

I've been working very hard
over the last couple of weeks,
trying to get ready for our annual
Fiber & Art Holiday Show.
For the past four years Susan and I
have opened our home
and turned it into a boutique
for a weekend.
It is a perfect outlet for us and
our artist friends
to highlight
the creative things we've been
working on this year.
My thing is wreaths.
This year I've focused on
using up-cycled sweaters.
Susan, my sister, has a whole line
of pillows she creates using
up-cycled sweaters
and sells them in her
Lucky for me, she doesn't mind
sharing her scraps.
I've incorporated some of my
needle felted birds
which is something I am
trying to teach myself.
This white on white one is
one of my favorites
although it doesn't photograph
very well.
I had seen something on Pinterest
that was similar and made it my
Well there you have it
that's about all for now.
Just a few more things to finish
then its on to cleaning
and getting the house
Not the fun part to be sure!
Buttermilk Cottage
Fiber & Art
Show and Sale
November 22nd, 23rd and 24th.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's is hard to believe it has almost been a year since our last Holiday Fiber Arts Show.  Yes, it has, and in fact we only have 35 days left to prepare.  I've been hard at work crafting and creating.  Some of my ideas have already gone by the way side and others have taken flight.
I've been making wreaths.
I'm using up-cycled sweaters,
both wool and cotton.
It's so much fun creating flowers
out of the sleeve and necks.
Here's one I actually used the
sleeves of the sweater
for the base
then created the flowers
out of the neckband and scraps.
Added the burlap and red
floral for contrast.
This one was fun,
it's made from an old army jacket
I found at the Goodwill.
Camo is so big right now...
I couldn't resist.
I call this one
Cottage By The Sea.
A winter wreath for your
beach cottage,
if you are so lucky
to have one.
I've got more to show you,
but that's another post.
Have a great day.
Buttermilk Cottage
Holiday Fiber Arts
Show and Sale
November 22, 23, & 24 2013
Join us if you can.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


My sister Susan and I just returned from a
wonderful trip
in Germany.
We were there visiting my brother Rick
and his family.
Terry, Rick and Max made our stay
very special.
We saw so many breath taking sights...
churches, houses, castles
 but what I enjoyed most,
were the leisure moments we took at all the
amazing outdoor cafes.
We took every opportunity
to sit and relax
with a espresso,
or even something more special.
The food was great as well.
The salads were wonderful.
I was introduced to my first Doner kebab
(I think it's Turkish)
and I hope it won't be my last.
I could share many more pictures with you
but I just wanted to give you
a taste.
Have a wonderful day
and weekend!

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