Friday, December 13, 2013


What do you do
 with left over pumpkins
from the Fall season?
This year we had lots of pumpkins
at Buttermilk Cottage
We had decided to go with an Autumn theme
for our Holiday Show...
and just kept buying pumpkins.
I couldn't bare to just throw them away
and there were just too many
for the compost bin. next solution
It's amazing how far one can of paint will go.
Since they were staying outside in the yard,
I didn't even worry about
painting the bottom.
I scattered them all over the back yard,
and thought I was done.
Then Sue comes home and says,
"No one can see them in the backyard."
So I drag them all back around to the front porch
and try to make a Christmas
How long will they last?
I have no idea,
but we'll just enjoy
and hope for the best.
Do you still have pumpkins
hanging out?
You can buy a can of metallic paint
at Lowes for about four bucks.

Now what else can I salvage?
The wheels are turning!




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