Saturday, December 7, 2013


Okay, how many of you grew up
 with a ceramic Christmas tree
in the house?
 I did,
 in fact, my Mom had two. 
  My Mother has been telling
me for years,
 she wants me to have her big one.
Well, I gota tell you...
I've never been a fan.
What was I to do, I had to take it.
I got it out this year when I started
thinking about decorating for the holidays.
How can I make this my own
and still honor my Mom?
Well if any of you know me,
you know I am into
origami birds.
Sore hands and over 100 birds later,
I can put my stamp of approval on it.

Yes, I can say I actually like it!
I use to cringe when my Mom would say
 "I'm not going to put up a big tree this year,
I'll use my little ceramic tree".
You know what?
I am my Mother's daughter.
This year with Sue putting up two trees downstairs,
I've decided my little ceramic tree
will do me just fine.
Keep it simple, that's my motto
this year.
No need to be over the top.
Merry Christmas
and happy decorating.

1 comment:

  1. Your ceramic tree is very sweet. My mom had one years back and I always liked it. That kitty pillow jumped out at me, too. Now that is a nice pillow. Enjoy your simple decorating. I think lots of people are going that route now. We went from a 10 foot tree to a table tree now that we have a young cat again. :) Deb


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