Monday, September 5, 2011


Every year I plant some blue Morning Glory seeds and hope
for an explosion of blue in my garden...
it doesn't happen.
I planted four packs of seeds this year and this is the only
bloom I've seen of them.

I do, how ever, have morning glories that I didn't plant.

They just spring up in various places and wrap themselves
around what ever is handy.

I'm not complaining...just saying.

Happy Gardening
Happy Labor Day.


  1. We always have morning glories that show up in our garden every year. They are just too far from the house to enjoy. Did you just toss the seeds in the dirt or did you plant the seeds? I would love to just toss some seeds on the side of the hill and see morning glories come up on their own! lol Without any major work on my part! lol


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