Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm baking a pie...
and I don't know why!
Just kidding, I really do.
I've been inspired by a couple of things lately.
First off, Pinterest, and all the
delicious and delightful
pictures of pie
just make my mouth water.

Secondly, back on March 14th.
I saw that there is a
National Pie Day.
Actually I got that wrong,
March 14th is National Pi Day
that celebrates the mathematical constant Pi.
According to the American Pie Council,
the National Pie Day
was in January,
January 23rd in fact.
I often say...
I don't cook.
My kitchen is a closet,
no, literally, a closet.
When my sister and I moved into
our home here at
Buttermilk Cottage
(I took the upstairs, she the downstairs)
we coverted a walk in closet into a mini kitchen.
Okay, the saying is
easy as pie.
I gave it a try.
Granted mine doesn't even resemble
the one on Pinterest,
but what the ha.
This is my version of
French Coconut Pie.
I already get some of my mistakes,
that crust is pretty bad.
But I'm game to try again.
Stay tuned for my next
Me Oh My
Have a great day


  1. Well, it looks darned good to me. A kitchen in a closet (how fun is that). xo Diana

  2. This Me Oh My Pie was just fine! I enjoyed every bite!


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