Sunday, July 24, 2011


I had an amazing day yesterday.
It was a perfect ending to my week of vacation.
The "Garden Tour" went off without a hitch.
Got some wonderful responses.

When it was all over Susan and I headed across the
ally for an estate auction that was going on
in the neighborhood.
Check out my treasures.

I'm loving these vintage garden trowels.

My mind is just whirling with what I might do
with these dove decoys.
I picked up the saw horses too.

I've already found a home for my
small, metal, child's chair.

I spent a little over $50.
Not bad for an afternoon of
sheer delight.


  1. I love those doves on the saw horses. They are so cute. I like these birds anyway, they make such sweet noises. (morning doves, that is)
    So funny about your little chair. I bought a little toy high chair last week-end. It's a great shade of blue but rusty ($4.95). The bloggers I was with said to put a plant in it and I did. I will probably repaint it and bring it inside before winter. I had to smile when I saw yours. You did good with all your treasures.

  2. You found some wonderful treasures...what a happy day!


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