Sunday, December 18, 2011


Last night my sister and I had a
"dinner and a movie" night.
At my brother's suggestion, we watched the
latest version of
"Jane Eyre".

We were not disappointed.
This visually stunning movie kept us both
entertained and delighted.

It got me to thinking...
have I ever been disappointed with any
adaptation of Jane Eyre?
I did a little research and found out
there has been at least twenty three version
before the oldest one I can remember
staring Joan Fontaine and
Orson Wells
from 1944.

As a young girl, I remember falling in love
with George C Scott's
Mr. Rochester.

I know I've seen the Timothy Dalton
version, but I don't have a clear
remembrance of it.

Franco Zeffirelli's
Jane Eyre
starring William Hurt and
Charlotte Gainsbourg
was a stunning adaptation as well.
I've always been a William Hurt fan
ever since
The Big Chill.

This 1997 version, also a BBC production,
I believe is my favorite.

Masterpiece Theatre did it in 2007
and there was a mini Series
back in 1973.

Pick out a version and
watch it,
what great holiday fun.

Oh yea, don't forget
it's always a good read!

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