Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've recently done a little revamping in the bathroom.
Nothing major just a change with curtains and such.

While out and about this past Fall I found a collection of numbers at
an antique mall in Asheville, NC.
I've seen numbers use quite a bit in decorating and knew
I wanted to do something, but not sure what.

I just started playing in my bathroom one day
and this is what I came up with.

Almost everyone that used my facilities
over the holidays asked...
what's up with those numbers,
what does it mean?
I say it doesn't mean anything
it just is.
Then I joke, when you are on the throne
you can see how many you can find.

One detail I love are these
wonderful clothes pins my
sister- in- law,Terry, made
for me this past Christmas.

Aren't they GREAT?

The baskets were a cast off from VS
and a treasure to me.

Oh, and this chair belongs to...

Miss Dixie.


  1. It looks great! What wonderful big windows you have in that bathroom! Love your baskets and the numbers AND the clothespins. What a fun little makeover- xo Diana

  2. You should put Number 1 on Miss Dixie!

  3. Well Miss Dixie, I would say you have a pretty unique and cool bathroom to hang out in. And those windows were probably made to order. Lovely!

  4. Well that sweet little Miss Dixie sure has a plush life!

  5. As usual, first rate, my #1 sister/friend!


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