Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's beautiful outside today, but way too hot for this
girl.  I've been spending some time
cleaning my bedroom
and making a switch from
Spring to Summer.

I've changed out my linens and and tossed on
my favorite white chenille spread.
Love the vintage feel.

Over my windows I've hung some branches
and some of my
Origami Bird Garlands.

I've taken advantage of the
Memorial Day
sales and have purchased a new

My old one was on its last leg, it kept over heating
and shutting down.
  Every day I thought it
could be its last.

Now that that little task is done,
it's time for me to follow Chaos' lead
and take it easy.

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Oh- I am so happy that you got a new computer. Aren't you thrilled? It is hot here today, too. I worked outside for a bit but can't take the heat anymore- xo Diana

  2. I am taking a little "me" time break to catch up with my friends and seeing what you have been doing. Your vintage bedspread has brought back memories. My grandmother gave me one for my graduation many years ago and I still have it. I love reading your previous post. Pink is definitely a good color and I wanted a pink car at one point in my married life. Hubby didn't go for that for some reason. Have a great rest of the Memorial weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses

  4. What a really pretty room. I especially like the branches and origami birds. Have a lovely day. Ali x


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