Sunday, December 16, 2012


What can you do with an almost endless supply of
 pink ribbon?
From time to time my employer
discards unwanted
ribbon and I'm one of the few people
 that steps up to claim it.
  The thought of all that lovely
ribbon going into the trash makes
 my heart break.
I've been collecting it for quite some time
 and have never come up
 with the right thing to do with it.
My sitting room has touches of pink
so I decided to have a go at
 something I had seen on the web.
I purchased a good set of lights at Ikea
and decided to make a garland for
my windows.
First I organized it then cut it into lengths of about
twenty inches.  I had some white and gold
ribbon I had purchased at Ballard Outlet
so I added that as well.
Then I simply tied it onto the lights, alternating
the prints and shades.
Now I have it strung over my bank of four windows
in my sitting room. 
 I decided to add some silver
Christmas balls for a little more
Holiday impact.
If you hang onto something long enough
you will eventually get inspired.
Happy Holidays!


  1. That looks really cute! What a great idea for ribbon that would have been tossed out- xo Diana

  2. Lovely look:) Like the idea, simple decoration ,but very unique.
    have a Merry Christmas!!


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