Monday, March 31, 2014


I've been creating up-cycled sweater wreaths for my
etsy shop for some time now,
I've decided to make something
just for me.
My favorites are the
white on white.
So I decided to do four mini wreaths
and frame them
for my bedroom wall.
I found some scrip scrapbook paper
at Hobby Lobby
that was perfect to back them with.
I'm very pleased at how they
turned out.
Each one different,
but together, a very cohesive grouping.
They are all very representative of what I do.
I love the sweaters I find that
have beautiful cable work.
If you like what you see
please visit my etsy shop here.
The lighting is not the greatest
but here they are on my
bedroom wall.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I've been perfecting my latest passion since last October and 
I must say, I'm so enjoying it.
I create wreaths from up-cycled sweaters.
I've dabbled in wreath making for some time now
but last year when my sister got into making
pillow cover out of up-cycled sweaters,
I wondered, what can I do with
up-cycled sweaters?

The first step in finding the sweaters.
You don't want to pay too much for them
since you'll be cutting them up.
My favorite places,
Goodwill and Salvation Army.

I've created a little nook in my sitting room
where I can work.
It's not ideal, but you've just got to
make it work.

Every time I make a new wreath
I learn something new.
A new technique or tip.
Instead of wrapping strips of the sweater
around the wreath frame,
I've found, cutting one continuous strip using the front
and back of the sweater works best.
No raw edges.

Then using my glue gun
I glue the sweater onto the frame.
When I saw this little sweater at Goodwill,
I knew it would make a
sweet little wreath
for Spring.

It's amazing what you can create out of all
the different parts of the sweater.
Cuffs, the neck line,
 buttons, tabs, etc.
So there you have it.
The making of a wreath.
To see some of my other designs
please take a peek at my etsy shop.
Happy crafting!
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