Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As Time Goes By

How could you say no to this
outrageous sweater
when you create wreaths out of
up-cycled sweater.
You wouldn't.
It's a "Susan Bristol" sweater.
She can rock a novelty sweater like no other.
It consisted of all these timepiece appliques.
I knew I would come up with something.

I actually came up with three somethings.
This is the smaller of the three,
an eight inch wreath.

This was my first one, a sixteen inch.
If you know me at all,
you know my favorite combination
is black and white,
so I had a ball.
The third one is here, also a sixteen inch.
They are all up now on my
etsy shop
take a look...go a head, you've got the time.


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