Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Artlandia Art Show 2015

This past weekend I did something I've never done before.
My first arts and craft show outside the home.

The shows name was "Artlandia"
It was created to promote local artist 
here in Johnson City and the neighboring communities.

What a job!
My little makeshift booth.

Although my sister and I have hosted a Holiday Fiber Arts Show and Sale
for the past six years in our home,
 it's quite a different story when you have to haul your props and 
merchandise to another location,
 set up, sale and break it down and then
haul it all back home and put it away.

I have a new respect for all those artist and craft people that do it all the time.
I imagine, if you do it all the time you develop a system and 
you may even have it down to an art itself.

There were about 20 artist in house and lots of variety of mediums.

My next door neighbors were Mary and Sara Hacker.
Mary was the artist, she creates the most amazing 
vintage Christmas Santas.
The detailing was spectacular.

There were a couple of wonderful potters there.

A wood turner.

Other fiber artist.

Vintage mixed media.


And many more.
Will I do it again?  The jury is still out.
Will see.

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