Saturday, March 12, 2011


It is a lovely Spring day. I was off work by two and was able
to enjoy some sunshine.
I saw two beautiful blooming pink trees on my way home.

I sat for an hour or two outside in
the backyard. The birds were in concert.
The air was scented with the blooming hyacinth.

The early blooming daffodils are out and shining.
I was afraid this weeks snow would do them in,
but they made it.

Just a little droopy
but that's okay.

These Tiny Bubbles just popped out.

Not sure what this one is called
but isn't she pretty?

My Autumn Joy is coming back up.

A fine day at Buttermilk Cottage.


  1. Beautiful... you're definitely in Spring mode! I wish I knew the ruffled daff's name. There are so many hybrids names though now.. who can keep track.. all I know is it's beautiful.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Makes me believe will really arrive in my neck of the woods. Lovely blog. I found you through Betty Jean's Shabby Tea Party.


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