Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday in the bank 
the lady in front of me was sporting
the cutest pink hat.
I was carrying my favorite PINK tote.
When she turned around and saw me she said
"today must be the day for pink".
For me...
everyday is a good day for PINK!

How could you ever go wrong 
with a little

I have always been a lover of Pink,
as I get older
I love it more and more.

These days you can get almost anything in Pink.

I dream of having a Pink vintage truck
for the garden.

 What FUN would this be?

Yes Pink is the color for me.


I'm going to continue to follow 
Barbie's lead.
After all, it has "worked" for her
for many many years.


  1. I would so love to live in that pink house :)
    Ali x

  2. Is this a giveaway????;>) If so, I want the pink TRUCK AND the pink HOUSE! Darling pictures! xo Diana

  3. I'm loving pink more and more too.
    Best, S


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