Thursday, June 14, 2012


Susan has been away for the past four days.
She went home to visit our folks
and celebrate my Mom's Birthday.
In the mean time I've been bonding with
our new dog, Chaos.

He's quite a handsome guy
for an old gent of fifteen.
He's been a real sweetheart too,
 adjusting to his
new home and lifestyle.
Chaos is actually my brother's dog
who has moved to
Germany for a few years,
we've stepped up to foster Chaos
while his family is away.

Chaos has had to adapt to new food and
and a new bed, but he is taking it
 all in stride. 

I know he misses his family lots, but
he has a knack
for making his new
feel like he wouldn't have it
 any other way.
If his folks are going to have an
adventure, why shouldn't he.

Thanks Rick and Terry.


  1. It is so hard, isn't it, to think of a pet missing their original family? I am glad you are his new MOM and that you love him. xo Diana


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