Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Guess what I've been doing?

That's right...making birds again.
I've been working on a Bridal Party Pack
for my etsy shop.

One thing I know Brides love
and that's Tiffany & Co.
I love to fold my birds from the pages
of the Tiffany's catalog.
They are perfect for weddings
showers, teas, parties
or anything in between.

I start by tearing out all the pages that are
Tiffany Blue,
then start my folds.
I try to do all the same folds together
because it goes a little faster that way.

For this project, I'm creating a
collection of
Black, White and Tiffany Blue.
The pack will consist of
forty five birds to be used at one of the Bried's
many functions.

I've included three large black birds,
two medium white birds,
twelve "Tiffany Blue" birds,
eight small black ones
and twenty assorted
black & white print birds.

The five larger birds are embellished with
pretty ribbon and can be hung or
placed on dowels.

Just a few on a table really makes a large impact.
And they are so pretty.

The bride can save a little money by using
them on skewers and working them into
her greenery to cut back on 
flower cost.

They can make great party favors for the guest.

Next time you are thinking wedding...
think Origami

Visit my listing of these birds

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  1. Those are really sweet and what a great wedding idea- xo Diana


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