Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday morning
 I was out in the yard early. 
 I had two projects
 on my "to do" list
that required the great outdoors.
  First shampoo a rug that got wet when
our Basement flooded and
 the other a painting project.
The garden is taking on a very WHITE look right now.
The Autumn Clematis is almost at its peak.
We've got a Forsythia bush that is completely covered
this time of year.
My little Hibiscus plant has drank in the rain we've had
this month and has decided to bloom again.
The gardening shed is covered
with the Autumn Clematis as well
 but it hasn't bloomed yet.
Seven years ago, when we bought our home
 there was a big bed of
four o'clocks near the house.
They were bright pink, yellow and white,
now the white ones are the only ones that bloom.
This is the third year it  has happened... 

I'm so inspired with white
I decided to paint these yellow and orange
mini pumpkins and decorate inside with
white as well. 

Happy Gardening.


  1. Loving your garden! I myself try to garden a bit:)that Forsythia looks awesome in a white bloom!
    regarding your art project: did you remove the seeds from pumpkins first?:)

  2. Hindustanka,
    They weren't real pumpkins, just some I had picked up at the craft store many years ago.

    1. haha, then its ok :) whatever, they look so nice! you can really apply so many crafty ideas for their decoration :)


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