Monday, August 6, 2012


Last night as the sun was going down
it started to rain
and rain
and rain some more!
Before we knew it
 our little downtown area was flooded

and so was our basement.

Susan and I scrambled into action.
two thirds of the basement
 was already ankle deep in water
so we threw everything we could
 into the third
 that was dry.

We set up card tables
 to empty out some of the
hardest hit boxes. 
 that had been sitting
 on the ground
had already soaked up
 quite a bit of

What a mess! 
 We have been storing
 much of my niece's things
 some of her precious belongings
 were the hardest hit.
Art and books...
oh my.

This morning we were up by six
 trying so salvage
 what we could.

Some things made it through fine,

others, not so lucky.
We both worked all day
cleaning, sorting, washing,
 what could be saved.

At the end of the day
we had to say goodbye to much.

But then much was saved as well.

Live and learn!
everything on the ground
 is now air tight
and all valuables
 off the floor.

Thank God in Heaven
we had a sump-pump
and were able to sweep all the water into that.
The fans are still blowing
 and will be
through the night
 and then some.

First sunny day we get this
bad boy will need to be
shampooed and
What's the good in all this?

We were able to recover
 in a days time,
I'm sure many won't be as lucky.
Hey, and we now have a
 clean and organized

Life is still GOOD!


  1. I wouldn't want your flood, but I would like some of your rain. We got a little, but not near enough. Our ground is so dry. It has been something else. Some areas gets a lot and others forget it. Keep wondering what the winter will be like. Have a great week. A Missouri Friend.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry..what a mess! You sure to have a good attitude about it but then I guess there really is no other choice. Wow, I asked for a sunny weekend away from the rainy cloudy days and got one...hope I didn't send it your way. take care.

  3. Oh- what a mess. We only ever had a flooded basement once and we lost SO MUCH STUFF. You do have to look for the bits of joy in the upset though, don't you? Just think- now you know everything that you had stored down there-Hope it dries quickly and you don't end up with mold problems. xo Diana


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