Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something for Everyone

I was on vacation this past week
so Daisy and I took
a little road trip
to visit my
Mom and Dad.
Every time I travel home
I drive through
McMinnville, TN.
 I can't seem to stop
my car from pulling into one of my
favorite/unique spots.
It has been there forever and I'll be darn
but I don't have a clue
what the name is.
It's run by a Mom and Son team
and it has been there as long
as I've been traveling through.
If truth be told, I think its
been there since
the beginning of
They not only sell statuary,
they are collectors as well.
What a crazy assortment they have.
Something for everyone.
They've got religious.
They've got cute.
They've got down right tacky.
I guess I shouldn't say that
after all beauty is in the
eye of the beholder
when it comes to
lawn art.
Am I right?
Anyway it's a great stopping place
and I love to see whats
The owners are so friendly
and love to pass the time of day
with you.
If you ever need a pink pig for your front yard
this is the place to go.
Till next time
Happy Gardening.


  1. Love it! Your post made me want to visit this place again sometime!

  2. Never seen such statuettes and sculptures... great collection!


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