Friday, September 14, 2012

Black Birds & Skulls

I've always loved Halloween.
Last week while Susan and I were at
the Norton Jewelry and Accessory Show in Gatlinburg
I stumbled accross these plastic skulls.
When I bought them, I was thinking I'd make
some gardening stakes,
but when I got them home
the wreath felt like a better choice.
I'm always looking for ways to showcase
my origami birds.
Who do you know that has a
Halloween Wreath
with skulls and "origami birds".
Nobody, I bet.
You can find it in my etsy shop


  1. It's looking pretty spooky to me!

  2. the wreath looks so Halloweeny! great idea to use the skulls and the origami birds in one composition. i bet this is the best Halloween idea I have seen so far.


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