Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Gardening Itch

Along about this time of year
when snow is sitting on the ground
and it's so cold out
you can't bare to venture outside.
I get the itch.
I just have to PLANT something!

Both Southern Living and Better Homes and Garden
did articles about terrariums
this month.  I was seasoned and ready
to give it a try.

Went to my local nursery and purchased an assortment
of suitable tears, mosses and such.

Better Homes and Garden suggested using
African violet mix so that's what I got.
I already had the glass containers and the pebbles
I would need, the only other thing I had
to purchase, besides plants and soil,
was some charcoal.
I just got a jar from the pet department
 at Walmart.
It was easy...
just a layer of rocks,
a layer of soil,
a layer of charcoal,
then your plants.
I added a few more stones
on top for interest.
Now all I have to do is
figure out how to care for them.
I'm still trying to master the
water amount.
If you need a gardening fix like me,
give it a try.
Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi! Wow, the plants in the jars look awesome! love it so so much! you have a green thumb, so I guess you'll figure out soon how to care for them better.
    I adore the cat's pic with snow! :) so cute.
    have a nice day,

  2. I listened to a radio programme in London this week that was entirely on this subject. Thirty years ago they were popular and one gardener had a sealed one (which waters and feeds itself on dead plant material), which he has not touched for 30 years!!! It was still looking good. Yours looks grat - and the cat is so cute.


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