Sunday, January 6, 2013


My brother, Rick recently turned me and my sister onto
"Sons of Anarchy".
When he first suggested it I thought
yea right...that looks like my cup of tea.
I'm a "Downton Abbey" fan after all.
I have to tell you, I am totally hooked!
The show is so rich with characters.
I wouldn't care to know them in real life
(too scary for me)
but I am so glad to know them
from my living room couch.
We are into season two and I'm holding my breath.
Tonight Downton Abbey kicks off their third season.
I'll be there without a doubt.
I'm feeling so well rounded.


  1. I can't wait for Downton Abbey tonight. I have never watched the other show though...uh-oh-...Do I really need another addiction? xo Diana

  2. Oh yes! I'm right there with you on BOTH shows!
    Best, Susan

  3. You are welcomed. That show rocks. You know I am a huge 24 fan and I would love a crime battle between Jaks and Jack Bauer (good and evil). I don't know who I would root for.

  4. I so love your pretty blog and have joined (sis too) and am looking forward to seeing your garden grow. Do visit me and enter my giveaway ... and good luck. Love yours/and sis Etsy shops too. I too love my garden, which is sadly under snow today - London has blizzard conditions at present.


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