Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holy Moley!

This past weekend my sister, Susan and I headed home
to visit our parents and celebrate my Dad's
87th. birthday.
Little Daisy was there for the party as well
which meant I spent lots of time
in my parents backyard.

Their backyard is CRAZY!
It's like walking on a sponge.
My Dad says it's moles
and that he has done everything he can think of
to get rid of them.
I have never seen a mole for myself,
and at first glance they look
kind of cute.
But on further investigation...
not so much.
I'm not sure if there are different kinds
or what he actully has,
 it could be just a few living below the surface
or an underground army.
What I do know is this,
the man has PROBLEMS!
I can't tell you more right now,
I haven't done my research.
Hello Google!
Happy Gardening.
The backyard pictures are mine
the moles are from Google.

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