Monday, May 27, 2013

Patience Is A Virtue

Back in March I placed an order with Michigan Bulb for some plants
and they arrived about a month ago.
When I unpacked them, I was very disappointed.
I way in heck will these ever amount to anything,
I've wasted my money!
I had ordered some sedium, succulents, grasses and
 assorted other plants.
They were all so fragile and almost falling apart.
I decided they would never make it in the ground, so I transplanted them
into larger pots and decided to
wait and see.

A couple of weeks later, I still didn't feel good about
putting them into the ground.
I decided to re-pot the succulents and sedium  
 into an old strawberry pot
and wait again.
Here they are today on this beautiful Memorial Day.
I never would have believed it.

The verdict is still out on some others
but I am a bit more optimistic.
Happy Memorial Day
Happy gardening.


  1. Happy Memorial Day!
    Some plants difficult to make grow.. I planted few flower bushes, but two of them dried an died. Rest seem to be okay :)

  2. I've ordered from Michigan Bulb. One of three plants (same species in a 3 for a certain amount group) died. I called them and told them one didn't make it and the fellow said, "we'll replace them." I said only one had died so I didn't need three. He said that's how they did business, they're replace all three. And they did! I think they're a pretty good company. If something doesn't make it ... give 'em a call.


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