Sunday, June 2, 2013


I've been collecting window box pictures on Pinterest
all Winter for ideas and inspiration.
I know I should have a
and filler.
This is how my boxes started this Spring.
Early last Fall I had added a few Mums
to my existing boxes and they made it
through the winter.
Here are my boxes today.
In the end, after so much looking and planning,
I just got some plants from the
 "drastically reduced"
section of Lowes.
$17 for the lot.
I'm learning that I can waste a lot of time
dreaming and searching.
When you are a girl on a budget,
sometimes you need to compromise
and go with what's available.

They still have some filling out to do,
but I think they'll work.
No regrets.
And the Mums should be pretty
this Fall.
Happy Gardening.


  1. Brilliant! I have always wanted window boxes. It is something I grew up with but you don't see that much anymore. You certainly have a way with plants and color. Bravo!

  2. OMGosh- They look amazing! Who needs Pinterest when you can pull those boxes together so beautifully all by yourself AND at bargain prices. LOVE them-great job- xo Diana

  3. I love it! They look great!

  4. You have a lovely hose, which looks perfect to me with all those plants and flowers! you've done great job in your garden :)

  5. I think your window boxes look fabulous! I think putting the mums in there is a great idea. I have one that came back in the pot I left it in and it made it through the winter totally neglected under snow. I'm going to give it a better home soon! Your window boxes will carry through the fall nicely!

  6. Love the window boxes with the gorgeous flowers! :)


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