Thursday, November 11, 2010


Paperwhites are by far one of my favorite things about
the holiday season.

Does anyone else get excited about planting Paperwhites
at Christmas time? I absolutely love them.
I love their delicate look, and
I love their heavenly aroma.
I picked up this bag of twenty five bulbs at Sam's Club last week for
about twelve dollars.

Any container will do for paperwhites.
I prefer a tall glass vase
to show off their great root system
and to support their stems and leaves.

Your can plant paperwhites in potting soil or do what I do
and use river rocks.
You can get them at any crafting center.
I picked this bag up at Walmart for
four dollars.

We are decorating Early here at Buttermilk Cottage. This year
we are once again hosting The Fiber Arts Show and Sale
one week before Thanksgiving.
You can read about the show here.

The instructions on the box said the flowers would bloom
in about six weeks. I've found through experience, in my sunny
room, they only take about three and a half.
They're at their peek at five and
fading by week number six.

I like to start a second and sometimes a third batch week
after week to have them blooming all during
the holiday season.

Here's a peek at mine after the first week.
It's just about time to get batch number two
into the water.

I will be linking with Cindy at
My Romantic Home
for her Show and Tell
Feathered Nest Fridays

Happy Gardening everyone.


  1. Can't wait for them to start blooming and having the house scented with them.

  2. We don't have this plant here but i think it's sure a beautiful one. Show us when they bloom :)

  3. Oh I love paperwhites and your vases are so beautiful already! Can't wait to see them all in bloom!! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!!:)

  4. Hard to believe, but I have never done this! I didn't realize you could get them now and do it. For some reason this knowledge has passed me by!

  5. So nice to meet you! Is it that time already? I love fresh flowers from bulbs during the winter. It seems I haven't even planted my outdoor ones yet. Where has it gone? Your vase is gorgeous and will be spectacular when the blooms arrive.


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