Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Tired and lifeless after being crammed into a box and planted in
the basement for almost a year.

Now given new life and hopefully a new home.

Wreath number one.

I've been spending lots of time making holiday wreaths.

This one consist mostly of wooden and resin ornaments.

For as long as I can remember
I've been collecting cat ornaments.
I've put up at least one cat tree every year
for the past twenty years
with the exception of the last two years.

Lately I've been on to birds
and my taste has changed a little.
My big dilemma has been what to do
with all those cat ornaments.
Last year I tried my luck and designing some
holiday wreaths and selling them at our
Holiday Show and Sale.
I did okay,
so I thought why not use some of my cat ornaments
this year.

Wreath number two.

This one is compiled of some of my plush ornaments

I just overlapped them and went to town with the hot glue gun.

There are some really cute ones.

Wreath number three.

These are all really sweet ornaments, and yes I hate to let
them go. I figure the only people that will buy them are
cat lovers too so I can say goodbye knowing they
are going to good homes.

I'm definitely holding on to my absolute favorites,

I still use them
throughout my space.

Think about all those ornaments in your

basement or attic
that are not quite as special as before.
Create something.
You may want to keep it or give it away.

Today I will be linking with Kim at
and her
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  1. You have been very busy. Those are so cute and whimsical. I love whimsy. Thanks so much for linking to my party!

  2. I love them! So creative - thanks for the great idea.

  3. So do you like cats? So cute and I love the plushies. I never would have thought of using them for a wreath--clever! I have a few of those ornaments from our previous cat days--now to find those buggers. . .

  4. Cute wreaths. You have some great cat ornaments. Have you ever posted a photo of your cat tree? I put up a rooster tree each year. It's great fun for me! ~ Sarah

  5. Your wreaths are wonderful! So happy we have them to decorate the show with...until they sell.

  6. Love the wreaths! You've certainly rejuvenated them, and I just adore cats - so what could be better :o)
    Kim at Savvy Southern Style sent me over!

  7. Very cute. I've never had a cat tree, but it looks addictive.

  8. I love these! You're so creative with your wreathes!

  9. What a great idea; the cat wreaths. I might try that someday. I collct cats. I love real cats the best. I have one crawling on my computer now. veronica


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