Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What a day!
Up before seven and straight to work.
Not to Victoria's Secret...I was off today.
It was a BIG TIME cleaning day.

Scrubbed the floors with Murphy Oil Soap
then applied Liquid Gold, all on my
hands and knees
of course.

Rearranged furniture.

Brought things up from the basement
to freshen up my look.
I've been in the mood to do some major redecorating
but don't have the time or the funds
with holiday coming on.

Next best thing...rearrange!
Notice the door in the background.
If you look close you can see the blue painter's
tape on the chair below.

I had an inspiration and we had
chalk board paint in the basement.

Now all I need is a cutesy saying to write on it.
But I'm just too darn tired now,
I'm crawling into bed.


  1. Your place is just so neat and clean! I love it! Everything looks so beautiful! My house is looks like a tornado has went through it. With having 2 kids I just can't keep up with them. Love what you did to your door! That is really neat.

  2. you have such a pretty, cozy and clean cottage there. I like the chalkboard idea...the possibilities are endless! I've got some cleaning to do, get some rest.

  3. My goodness - your home looks gorgeous - you did that all by yourself in one day. Whew. sandie


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