Saturday, October 15, 2011


A few weeks ago my sister and I took a trip to Hilton Head.
One morning we drove over to
Savannah and spent the day.
We couldn't visit Savannah and not have a meal at
Lady and Sons.

While we were waiting for out appointed time to eat,
we had time to browse the shops nearby and ran
across this gem.
Mack's Five and Dime.

As soon as I walked in
I felt like I had walked back in time.

Do you recall the scene in Breakfast At Tiffany's
at the Five and Dime?

It immediately came to my mind
as I walked the isles and fingered the
variety of goods...

...right down to the Halloween masks
on the center table.

My sister spied these goblets on a window shelf.
When we were growing up my Mom had a set
just like these.
They were our special glasses.

I found embroidered handkerchiefs.

hair nets

and everything in between.

Back on the street
I noticed other signs of a bygone time.
I saw an old Kress down the way housing, no doubt,
a Baby Gap or Gift shop.
This great old Silvers building now an upscale
furniture store.

It got me thinking...
when I was growing up we had Five & Dime just down from
where my Mom did her grocery shopping.
I spent many a day browsing there and wishing I had more
money in my pocket.

I think it was a Woolworth.

As a young woman working in downtown
Birmingham Alabama,
I remember there was a
Newberry Five and Dime.
My co-workers and I would
sometimes go down to the lunch counter
and have a bite to eat.
Seems like ages ago.

Ben Franklin is the only
Five and Dime big chain I can think of
that still going strong...
or is it???

I think they
have changed with the times.

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