Monday, January 10, 2011

Animal Sketches

I have had the most fun today! I've discovered a feature on Blogger
that truly makes me smile.

It is an editing function for your photos.
I know some of you are saying...oh that...
I've known about that forever.
Well, I'm a new kid on the block of blogging and
it's all new to me.

I've taken the liberty, and I hope no one will be too upset.
But since I'm linking to Angela's "Shake A Tail Feather"
animal party I couldn't resist.

Boston Lady's Sadie and Panda.

Here's Bobo
from Sills Hills.

And I couldn't leave out Ms Lizzy from
Please don't be too mad!


  1. Be mad!?! How wonderful! I didn't know about this either and will investigate further. In the meantime, my chest is puffed out with pride that my girls are so wonderfully presented on your post. Fantastic! Ann

  2. I LOVE it! I didn't know anything about it either! How sweet! I'm not mad at all! Jazz looks great like that too! lol It put a smile on my face! I really needed that today! Thanks! I'm glad that you are sharing such a neat feature with us! Great post! I just LOVE it!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. Well I didn't know about it either..great cute the animals are.

  4. Say - Love it! Ms. Lizzy will be so pleased!!! Didn't know about that one either!

  5. oooooOOOOOoooooo! Is that Ms. Lizzy??? oooOOOooo! Gotta Love that LLLooooOOOOOOoooK! So LooOOOOOooovely! Bawk Bawk!

  6. What a great job and honor as well!! How did you do that?...:)JP

  7. These are great, especially the ones of Dixie and Daisy! You should do a tutorial of how to do this!

  8. I didn't know about this either!

  9. I love the photo of BoBo!I didnt know about the editing feature. That is cute Thanks!


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