Friday, January 28, 2011


It is almost Oscar time and there are ten films nominated this year.
I've managed to see six of the ten and haven't
been disappointed with any.
This week we rented "Winter's Bone"
Today we saw "True Grit".
These movies are set in different times and different places,
but the similarities can not be missed.
Both movies are based on novels. "Winter's Bone" is from a
novel written by Daniel Woodrell. It tells a story of a
young Ozark Mountain girl searching for her father or at least
the truth about her father. She must prove his death in order
to hang onto her home and family.

"True Grit" based on Charles Portis' classic, follows another
young girl, Matty Ross in search or her father's killer.
Both stories team the girls with mean and rough men.
Rooster Cogburn is a drunkard, thief and killer.
Ree Dolly of "Winter's Bone" hooks up with Teardrop,
a crystal meth addict.

Everything about these movies...
The stories
The characters
The language

it's all perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence, 20 is nominated for Best Actress.

Hailee Steinfield, 14 nominated for Best Supporting Actress.
Strong performances
Strong Women
See these movies!

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