Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday turned out to be a lovely sunny day, even though it
was still cold out my gardening desires kicked in.
I am longing for something green and the wonderful
aroma of things growing.
I had to have a gardening fix.
I hopped into my car and headed down to one of my
favorite greenhouses

After taking in the sights and scents, I came home with this
little guy. He was in the TLC section marked down
from $12.99 to $2.77.

It's called a Begonia Rex "Escargot"
A variety from the Netherlands.
The name comes from their leaves which curl in on themselves
to resemble snail shells.

I did some reading and he should bloom in autumn,
though some articles said red while others said pale
pink. I'm not picky, either will be fine by me.

I pulled this picture for Google Images...
hopefully one day he will look like this.

I also snagged a Birds Nest Fern. I've wanted one
for a while now.

This is a plant I've had for about a year, can't remember
for the life of me what it is called.
I cut it back at the start of winter and it is
beginning to bloom.

If you are a gardener and need a fix go visit
Blast of Color.
Oh to visit Prince Edward Island!

Happy Sunday.


  1. One of my college roommates was from PEI - and it always sounded like a wonderful place to visit. And she could knit like crazy - the fair isle sweaters she made were amazing!

  2. Only a couple more months and it will be warm enough for you to dig to your heart's content again!


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