Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Bunnies

I snapped a few pics of our Daisy frolicking in the snow this past week...
...NOT, she mostly just stands and shivers.

She looks for the one patch of open ground and
takes care of business.

Then she's on the look for the open door and a warm house.

I pulled a few pics off Google Images. These animals have a real
and photograph much better than Daisy.

Love this one!

Here's wishing you and your pets are staying
warm and cozy on these
cold winter days.

I'm linking with Angela and her
Show and Tail @
West Virginia Treasures


  1. My ChiChi doesn't like the snow either, she tip toes across the yard , does her job and runs full speed like a race horse back to the house..silly dog.

  2. Maybe the snow will all go away today and Daisy can have a REAL walk!

  3. Daisy, I think you look fantastic and are so brave to take on the cold and snow! I love all the other pictures as well - chickens marching through the snow - they are all adorable and beautiful. Ann

  4. Oh, what lovely photos - Some dogs just are not made for the least she's wearing her sweater - and looking stylish in it too.

    I wish I could show my Gizzy boy some snow. I don't think he's ever been in it.

  5. Daisy is so cute in her little coat! I know how those little dogs can be with the snow. I had a chihuahua and she hated it. It doesn't bother the dogs I have now because they are outside dogs.

    You mentioned in your last comment to me that you were going to send me an email with the link for the sketches in it. I didn't get it. Can you send it again? I really loved that!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  6. Daisy is so cute in her little coat! Aggie won't wear her sweater. At all.

  7. What complete and utter sweetness!


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