Friday, September 17, 2010


While vacationing this month in Maryland, we wandered for a couple of hours in the woodland grounds of the Annmarie Garden. The park is located in Leonardtown and is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution.

We happened upon a very unique and unexpected exhibition.
("Goodnight Moon"...maybe?)

The woman at the information center didn't have much information, in fact she wasn't even aware of the exhibit. Luckily Rick and Terry, our host had been there before and guided us through.

Throughout the woodland path we saw miniature renderings of important works of art. I knew some, recognized others and was completely clueless on many.

Have you seen this before?

What about this?

We've all seen this one.

I have no idea!

We know this smiling lady.

Anyway it was a lovely outing, but most of all I enjoyed the company. We don't get to see my brother, Rick and his wife Terry very often, so when we do it's a special time.

I'll let you peruse the rest and I'll see you next time.
Happy gardening.

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