Saturday, September 25, 2010


We live in a very eclectic neighborhood. Our home is in the historic
part of town and also near the University.
Some of our neighbors are the Pike boys.
Every year about this time they put a spit and shine on everything, getting
ready for their recruitment of new students.

Over the past year they have been on a mission to update their house.
They've refinished floors, added tile floors, installed a galley kitchen and more.

The latest is a new crest in stonework on the front of their house...
...I haven't made up my mind yet.
They tore out a side door and replaced it with their insignia.

Two weeks ago during their rush week, my sister and I got involved.
Their remodeling included the galley kitchen, but only with a microwave oven.
For two evenings in a row we heated up big pans of pulled pork and baked beans.

Of course they tell us they need it done thirty minutes before their crowd arrives,
good thing the Davidson sisters can turn on a dime.

It was fun though, I'm glad the boys feel comfortable enough with us to ask.

This picture is not very good, but I wanted you to see all the
excitement in the kitchen.

Here they are, our boys from across the street. We know some by name,

Matt and Colton, others just to say hi.
They keep us young!!!

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  1. They are doing a great job cleaning up their place!

    Have a Great Week!


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