Monday, September 27, 2010


I'd like to introduce you to our little designer dog, Daisy.
She is a Chihuahua/Dachshund Hybrid, better known as a Chiweenie.
(nickname: Mexican Hotdog)

She is a sweetheart around the family, but not a very social dog.
Very girlie and spoiled rotten.

She is a Sun Lover, if there is a patch of sunshine anywhere in the house,

that's where you'll find Daisy.

We got her from a gal whose boyfriend didn't like her, go figure.

We've always wondered if he was mean to her...SHE HATES MEN.

My Dad is the only man she cares for, but he's is a very special man.

She's our little girl, and we love her dearly.

Our Little Daisy Doo.

I'm linking today with Angela and her Show and Tail.


  1. I just love Daisy! I have a soft spot for chihuahua's whether they are mixed or not. I had one named Spunky. She loved sun spots too! We could always find her sunning herself in any sun spot she could find. We nick named her Sun Spot Nelly! lol

    Your Daisy is just beautiful! Loved the first picture of her. You can see some personality in that one!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  2. She looks so much like my first dog, Bootsie! She was a Chiweenie, too, WAY before it was a designer dog. The father of our Dott and BG was also a SNEAKY Chiweenie that bred to our corgi, OC. I had Bootsie until she took the Rainbow Bridge at 11 years old. Your Daisy has some of the same expressions, and has such beautiful eyes, too! Thanks for sharing!

    I shared about Bootsie in one of my Show and Tails several months ago...

    Grammy from Corgi Country

  3. Our sweet little Daisy had me outside walking her BEFORE 6 AM this morning!!! Go figure. But you're right Nanniepannie, she's a sweetheart.

  4. How cute - your little Mexican Hotdog! I've never seen a "hybrid" like that - she seems like a great little dog! And DAISIES just love sunshine - so a perfect name for her!

  5. Oh goodness, she just looks like the sweetest little dog! :-)

  6. Daisy is adorable - I've never heard of a ChiWeenie - cute name! Interesting combination - I wonder if you crossed a cairn with a dachshund if you would get some sort of Scottish sausage. You could call it a Banger-ier or a HaggisHund.

  7. Just too adorable! I have two mini-dachshunds and I love the breed. Both of mine are little "sun lizards", too. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos of Daisy!


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