Monday, September 20, 2010


This is my sweetheart kitty Dixie.

She was found as a kitten in the Chattanooga Battlefield,

Chickamauga, thus the name.

Dixie has been with me for many years. Once an energetic, frolicking cat, now an

old slumbering soul.

Dixie had the most amazing blue eyes.
Two years ago she developed blindness in both eyes, we're not sure why, some trauma perhaps, She is mostly deaf as well, just from old age I guess.

Now, strictly an indoor cat, she manages to get around alright.

She has her favorite chair

and can still jump up on the bed to snuggle at night.

I'm linking today with Angela and her Tuesday's Show & Tail.


  1. Beautiful cat! She deserves a great big hug!!!

  2. Dixie sure does look like a sweetie! I'm glad that she has adjusted to her old age like a pro! I had a chihuahua that went blind and deaf in her old age but she managed to walk around our house full of toys on the floor like it was nothing. We gotta love our old gals!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Dixie with us this week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. It sounds like your Dixie has a good fur-ever home! I had a collie that was blind and deaf too, but when you love a creature like this, you want to take such good care of it - they are like your own children! Thanks for sharing this story today!

  4. Hello, thanks for leaving your comment. I can't believe that I missed it until today. thanks for stopping by. Hope you can stop again. Have a good nite

  5. What a sweetie Dixie is--occasionally she even comes downstairs to visit me!

  6. What a beautiful cat! Her eyes are still gorgeous, whether they can see or not.

  7. What a terrific kitty! I am very amazed at the strength of animals no matter what infirmities come their way. Thank you for sharing Dixie with us today. Anne


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