Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Meet my Dad. His name is Bill,and he celebrated his
eighty fifth birthday last Wednesday.
He's been married to the same woman for more than sixty years.
He "wows" me everyday.

Every morning you'll find Mom, Dad and their dog Chester
sitting in front of the glass sliding doors
watching the birds feed.

About seven or eight years ago my Dad inherited an
eighty acre farm with a modest house on it. He sold our family home

and moved to a small rural town in Tennessee.
He absolutely loves it... I can't say the same for my Mom.

Dad made his living working with his hands.
He was a machinist for NASA for many, many years.
He is happiest when is building, making or fixing something.
Lately it has been birdhouses.
Walking around the grounds this past week on my visit

I counted eight blue bird houses he had made.

He loves birds and is constantly modifying his houses.

Another birdhouse given to him as a gift.

He even has two Martin birdhouses he made,
already stored for the Winter.

As I said, he loves to tinker,
and he has lots of spaces in which to do it.
This is one of his outbuildings.

The first time I walked the property
and really looked around,
I understood
why a MAN
would be so quick to move.

This is his work's mind boggling!

A four car garage filled with MAN stuff!

Stuff in the rafters.
Stuff on the walls.

Stuff on the cabinets.

Stuff everywhere.


More tools than I've ever seen outside of Lowe's.

Organized chaos

One, of what seems like a hundred drawers.

All filled with stuff.

What is it all,
why do you need it,
and who would want it?

My Dad knows all the answers.

Every time I go to visit,
I usually take him something to fix for me.
I know if he can't fix it,
it can't be fixed.

He has random things everywhere,
and I wonder,
what's the story behind it all.

My Dad is a quiet man, he relishes solitude.
This is Heaven to him.

He's worth his weight in gold.

My wonderful Dad and his world.

What's next on the work bench??
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from last year
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  1. I don't understand how those stuff can make a man happy but seeing the things are all so well organized, can guess that's a heaven to your papa :)

  2. I love the way you write about your Dad. My dad would have been 82 this year and he was a computer geek who loved to tinker and fix things, too. There's just something special about the relationship between dads and their little girls, don't you agree?

  3. What a loving tribute to our Dad, and so on the mark.

  4. This is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen. No, it is the most beautiful. I wanted to cry. Such a loving tribute to the man who gave you life then nourished it. I am sure this made all of us think for our own dads.
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to meet him. We are better for it. Make you be blessed with his companionship for many more healthy years. Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  5. I hope he's been building some of those birdhouses for your yard and gardens. Boy, what I'd give to have someone skilled at doing those kinds of things. I'm sure he can build things that are sooo much better than what you can buy in the stores.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. My dad is 85 years old and everything you said reminded me of him. He built a large barn to keep all his tools and projects in and most days you will find him there tinkering on something.
    xo, Sherry

  7. What a great post and photos. I came here from your sister's blog. I can absolutely see why he loved this place. My neighbor has a workshop, three stories high, that holds all of his different hobby stuff and tools. He use to print books - the old fashion way, he has several printing presses. He has his hand in everything and his studios and workshops look like this, nice organized ...your dad must be a gem...I miss my dad since seeing these photos.

  8. So sweet. It is great that he stays busy and does what he loves. That is keeping him young. My father in law was always staying busy and gardening until an accident and then he was bed ridden for ten years until he passed. That garage is so nice and organized. Wish I could say the same for my husbands. Happy birthday to your dad and thanks for sharing this.


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