Sunday, April 10, 2011


Align CenterHow can it be Sunday again, already?
The days just seem to be flying by.
Don't get me wrong I'm glad it's Sunday...
I'm off...but everything seems to be changing
before my eyes.
Can we ever have enough time?

Here's what I found today as I strolled through the garden.
My "Little Lanterns" Columbine are starting to bloom.

The Cone Flowers are coming up strong. Several gals
at work are starting new gardens so I'm taking them
some of my babies.

The side bed that divides our yard with my
lovely elderly neighbor's yard is coming along well,
if we can only keep the crabgrass out.
It was once a beautiful Rose Garden,
but has fallen on hard times.

Anna can no longer work in the garden and I know nothing
about roses. I did however pick two
yellow "Knock Out " rose bushes to plant in the bed.

Bugleweed and Strawberry Candy Day Lilies.

Pretty pink tulips.

A bird feeder I made from an old blue bottle and saucer.

A Dogwood Tree in front of the house.

May Apple.

And I end the stroll back at our beautiful
blooming and ever so sweet
Lilac Tree.

Happy Gardening!


  1. The garden looks lovely, on your post and in person!

  2. Everything looks so lovely in your garden. Oh no, i wanna steal your idea again, the bird feeder! It's really unique!!


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