Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Right after Easter Susan and I got out of town and
took a little road trip.
A friend of mine had suggested checking out the
downtown area of
Greenville, South Carolina.

That's exactly what we did. We spent a half a day in
Charlotte, North Carolina shopping then made
our way to Greenville that evening.

Susan and I fell in love with the downtown
Westin-Poinsett Hotel,
but after inquiring inside and finding the rate for that
evening $185.00 we decided to check elsewhere.
Who is "Poinsett"?

We ended up at a great little Bed & Breakfast
a few blocks from Main Street downtown.

A charming place in the Pettigru Historical District.

When we drove up I knew we had made the right decision,
I could tell she was a gardener just like me.

Since they are further South than we are Lori, the innkeeper,
was able to already have her annuals in the ground.
I wish I would be there to see the yard once they fill out.

After settling into our room I took the opportunity
to stroll the neighborhood.
Many of the large historical homes had been converted into
Financial and Law Offices.

Across the side street from the Bed & Breakfast
I found a very large private club called the
Poinsett Club (jackets required)
Who is "Poinsett"?

One of my favorite houses in the inviting.

The next day we hit the downtown area for some
Lots of great shops, galleries, and restaurants.

You could tell by browsing the streets Greenville is a city
that loves "the arts".

They are also nature lovers.
A wonderful park called Falls Park anchors the downtown area.

We didn't have lots of time to explore so I'd love
to go back and do the park... seemed to go on forever.

In Greenville there are avenues, highways,
apartments, a bridge, a Hotel, a private club
and countless businesses baring the name
Who is "Poinsett"?

Joel Poinsett was a 19th. Century South Carolina statesmen.
He was a political leader
world traveler,
and a supporter of the arts.
He served as Secretary of War from 1837-1841.
Mr Poinsett also served as Minister to Mexico.

While in Mexico Poinsett found a brilliant red plant
and brought it back to
South Carolina.
And that's the rest of the story.
I will be linking this post to
Fishtail Cottage's
Flora Thursday.


  1. What a beautiful and charming place. I say another trip there is a MUST!

  2. So imformative. Glad to now know who Poinsette is after seeing the name over and over again while there!

  3. Thanks for the tour I haven't been there in years.. might be time for a road trip. Have a wonderful day.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  4. Beautiful pictures and great bit of history! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's - beautiful post & so interesting too! xoxo, tracie


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